Hello, my name is Cloé Barbier. I like graphic design, zines, lettering and photography. I enjoy dancing, movies and good food.
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Graphic Design



Dreamed faces, destroyed faces, people faces, hybrids machines, transhumans, anthropomorphic… The book guides to the question of identity, of fantasy of appearance, of the transformed, modified or boosted face, of DNA, of origins and of what we, human beings, want to become. We tempted to reflect the desire of the Human being of absolute power on its body and its fantasy of eternity. Human? Robots? Avatars? Icons? What if the banner between all those beings became more and more trouble?

Work in collaboration with Emma Voulfow, in the context of a workshop leaded by Antoine Stevenot (Spassky Fischer).
Printed by NewsPaperClub.

We are now working on refining and reprinting the book.