Hello, my name is Cloé Barbier. I like graphic design, zines, lettering and photography. I enjoy dancing, movies and good food.
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Graphic Design


Poubelles Vulgaires

The group les Poubelles Vulgaires (the Trashy Trashes) is born from a workshop between graphic design and fashion students of École Duperré. For the Paris aime la mode qui s'engage week, we created a giant 100% upclycled poncho. It is a protest tool against the overconsumption of the fashion industry. We made photos, videos and posters to keep a trace of our performance-demonstration in the shopping streets and galleries of Paris.

Wonderful members:
Garance Jacob-Steu, Matheo Scorteccia, Donat Legouil, Alex Nikolait, Félicie Vitrai and I.